Niro debuts 'wash off line' concept for tablet presses

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A module has been designed for Niro's Courtoy MODUL tablet press
that allows it to keep operating while the cleaning cycle runs.

The automated washing system - dubbed Wash Off Line (WOL) - allows manufacturers to keep the tablet press in operation for longer, which Niro​ says ' is the key to profitability'.

The MODUL tablet press contains all powder within an Exchangeable Compression Module (ECM) designed for extreme fast product changeover (often in as little as 30 minutes) with very high containment. The WOL increases production time by cleaning the ECM after it is removed from the tablet press. The MODUL press remains in operation producing another product while the cleaning cycle runs.

The self-contained ECM holding all product contact parts is removed from the press onto a trolley by means of an incorporated arm. This trolley is rolled to a wash skid, where three high-performance spray nozzles are attached while still maintaining complete containment. The program on the wash skid uses cold and warm water in combination with detergents and other cleaning agents, and rinsing with purified water.

"The Wash Off Line technique is much more economical than a Wash In Place (WIP) system because WIP requires shutdown of the tablet press during the entire cleaning, drying, and cooling cycle,"​ said Niro.

"With WOL you can continue generating profit by running a second product while the first product module is being cleaned."

Other advantages of WOL include the capability of one wash skid servicing multiple presses and the ability to clean powder feed and peripheral equipment, said the company. It will demonstrate the new system at next month's Interphex show in New York, US.

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