Supply chain deal aims to improve security

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Applied DNA Sciences has entered into collaboration with Advanced
Coding Systems (ACS), in a deal to develop security products for
brand protection and electronic article surveillance for
pharmaceutical supply chain management.

There also has been great progress towards development and implementation of a standard electronic track-and-trace system, in particular using radio-frequency identification (RFID) for widespread use in the drug distribution system. Significant advances are also being made in developing an electronic pedigree (chain of custody) for drugs,

The pharmaceutical industry is contributing to this effort by increasing its use of anti-counterfeiting technologies such as holograms, colour shifting inks and covert markings on products and packaging, in addition to starting pilot studies on RFID.

The collaboration aims to develop a new scientific capability in the security technology industry, viz, a DNA-embedded Digital Magnetic Identification Device (DNA-DMID).

The DNA-DMID will be a contactless nano-technology with a reader capable of identifying a unique magnetic signature embedded into labels, tags and products. The reader has the ability to read directly through the walls of cartons and containers and identify the contents inside.

The MicroWire products emanate magnetic signatures, enabling identification by hand-held or production line contactless readers. The DNA-embedded MicroWires can be integrated into product packaging, cartons, paper, tags, clothing, passports, security documents, works of art and virtually any product requiring identification.

"We believe the combination of DNA security with its forensic authentication capability and Amorphous Glass-Coated MicroWires, with their ability to transparently verify, track and trace products, will represent a breakthrough in security technology,"​ said Peter Brocklesby, President of Applied DNA Sciences.

"DNA-DMID Technology will allow Customs to interrogate a product directly through containers. The ability to validate authenticity of products without the need to open containers speeds up the authentication process. As a result, policing against counterfeiting becomes more efficient,"​ he added.

ACS' leadership in product authentication and track and trace is the result of a seven year multi-million dollar investment in the development of amorphous MicroWire Technology and contactless readers. ACS is in the final stages of completing a market test with a multi-national packaging corporation in Europe.

Yoav Dvir, chief executive officer of ACS​, added: "DNA-DMID will provide an instant, low cost security technology for the global anti-counterfeit and brand protection market."

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