Disposable cleanroom launched by UK's RLS

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Related Life Sciences of the UK has launched an inexpensive way of
converting existing rooms into temporary isolation suites within
just 10 minutes.

Originally designed to contain outbreaks of infectious diseases in healthcare, the unit can be adapted for any cleanroom or contamination control environments, according to the firm.

Designed to provide a seal around any existing door opening, the Barrier 2000 disposable isolation system incorporates a double door air lock and air management and filtration system with flow and pressure control, both within the isolation air lock, and the target isolation room.This new system provides the opportunity to swiftly deploy emergency isolation/containment facilities throughout existing standard rooms, for a minimum investment, according to RLS.

The air within the isolated area can be controlled as a negative or positive pressure environment depending on specific requirements. Air filtration into and out of the unit is a standard option, although in situations where the existing HVAC system is not suitable for isolation suite use, The Barrier 2000 and air management system provides the optimum solution for air quality and volume changes per hour.

Contained in 2 small boxes, The Barrier 2000 is designed to be stored on site, and can be deployed within 10 minutes in the event of an emergency. The inflatable portion is completely disposable, eliminating the possibility of cross contamination between usages.

Additional modules can be fitted to the unit to provide, changing, decontamination and showering capabilities in extreme emergencies.

The Barrier 2000 is currently being used to control the spread of methicillin-resistant Staphyloccous aureus​ (MRSA) and other Infectious outbreaks at many sites throughout Europe and Asia.

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