Advanced Biosciences takes sales into own hands

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The Advanced Biosciences division of US specialty materials maker
Rohm and Haas has decided to sell its entire range of solutions for
the production of biopharmaceuticals directly to customers.

As a result, fellow US firm, Tosoh Biosciences, a supplier of chromatographic columns, media and diagnostic devices will no longer serve as a non-exclusive distributor of Amberchrom resins after 31 December.

The move will allow it 'to better serve both existing Amberchrom chromatography resin clients and promote its new products to the biotechnology market', said the firm. To achieve his end, it has established direct regional sales and technical support organisations in North America, Europe and Asia.

As part of its transition, Advanced Biosciences is also offering an online web based system for purchasing to its customers worldwide, the firm said.

The Advanced Biosciences business is focused on delivering new solutions to the biopharmaceutical market such as the unique Amberchrom HPR10 polymeric media, which was recently launched for high-performance, reversed-phase chromatographic-polishing applications.

Rohm and Haas' Amberlite and Amberchrom resins are well-established in the market for purification, solvent removal and molecule recovery, and were recentlyjoined by Ambersynth, a solid-phase synthesis resin which is suitable for use in processes up to commercial multi-tonne scale.

By supplying its customers on a direct basis, Advanced Biosciences will be able to increase its speed of new product launch and commercialisation and thereby better serve its global network of customers, it says.

Founded in 2003, Philadelphia-headquartered Rohm and Haas makes products for the pharmaceutical, personal care, grocery, home and construction markets, and the electronics industry. It expects annual sales in excess of $8.0 billion in 2005 and has significant operations in 27 countries.

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