Agilent launches gene microarray platform

By Wai Lang Chu

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Agilent Technologies launches its latest microarray solution for
analysing activity at regulatory regions of genomes, enabling
researchers to examine gene regulation in a more efficient and
cost-effective manner.

The technology, also known as location analysis, provides insight into key mechanisms of embryonic stem cells and illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and central nervous system disorders. Scientists can also use this technique to develop drug therapies.

"ChIP-on-chip is an example of Agilent's drive to develop the next generation of microarray applications,"​ said Fran DiNuzzo, vice president of Agilent's Integrated Biology Solutions business.

"Emerging applications, coupled with the ability to design and print microarrays containing up-to-date content, are the foundation of our genomics program."

Regulatory proteins bind to genomic DNA to control DNA replication and gene expression, thereby functioning as switches in the regulatory circuitry of cells.

Biotechnology companies are now building up a head of steam, building technologies that combine this information with gene expression data to obtain biomarkers.

The ChIP-on-chip platform is in keeping with Agilent's approach to its microarray products. The company's eArray online tool enables users to design their own custom microarrays and then print them on slides using Agilent's SurePrint inkjet technology.

This empowers researchers to develop innovative applications in the highly dynamic genomics environment.

The ChIP technology allows the analysis of transcriptional regulation using location analysis microarrays, - a major aspect of our research into the basic mechanism of lung fibrosis.

Agilent​ said that it also planned to offer a complete solution for location analysis that includes reagents, a microarray portfolio and data analysis software.

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