Lab tool measures egg quality

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A set of laboratory instruments can measure egg quality within
minutes,allowing plant managers to save time on the processing

Italy-based Sanovo Engineering says its range of four automatic eggquality instruments provide accurate measurements and eliminates humanerror. The instruments analyse the Haugh unit, yolk colour,eggshell thickness and eggshell strength in a matter of minutes, the companyclaims.

The Haugh unit is a measure of the internal quality of an egg. This isdone by determining the height of the albumen in relation to the egg'sweight. The higher the number, the better the qualityof the egg since fresher, higher quality eggs have thicker whites.

Sanovo's SHCI 110/220 is a three-in-one-tester able to automaticallycalculate the Haugh unit and to measure both albumen height, yolk colour andegg quality according to standard consumer grades.The test takes less than 20 seconds, the company says.

The company's SSSI 110/220 is an instrument for measuring eggshellstrength with a much greater accuracy than that achieved by traditionalinstruments available on the market today, the companyclaims.

The eggshell strength is measured directly, without any preliminarypreparations and without any cleaning afterwards, as the egg is not brokenbut only cracked.

The SSTI 110/220 measures eggshell thickness using ultrasonic technology.This ensures accuracy to within 0.01 mm.

"Compared to traditional equipment available on the market, thisis unique inasmuch as it measures without breaking the egg,"​ Sanovostated. "Traditional measuringinstruments require that the egg is broken before it is possible to measure.The ultrasonic technology also makes it possible to measure much faster andto achieve a more reliable measurement at anygiven point."

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