Honeywell launches improved BMI activator

By Wai Lang Chu

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Honeywell launches a new formulation of BMI activator, which is
used to synthesise DNA and RNA oligonucleotides for therapeutic and
medical diagnostic applications. The formulation aims to result in
higher yields and lower overall operational costs compared to
traditional Tetrazole activator solutions.

The launch of the Burdick & JacksonT (B&J) BMI activator, is in response to the increased use of synthetic siRNAs as a tool in modern drug discovery for combating diseases such as cancer and age related macular degeneration (AMD).

siRNAs are currently used in the biotechnology industry to easily and rapidly analyse gene function in a wide range of biological systems, including whole-genome screening.

Specifically, BMI activator helps meet the demand for faster, safer, more efficient and economical RNA synthesis.

The BMI activator functions in the critical activation step for both large-and small-scale oligonucleotide (RNA/DNA) synthesis instruments. Oligonucleotides are used for genomic, proteomic and drug discovery technologies.

"This new reagent is the latest solution from Honeywell to meet the ever changing needs of the global biotechnology industry,"​ said Kalakota Reddy, biopharmaceutical development manager for Honeywell's Research Chemicals business.

"BMI activator is an integral part of the synthesis process and provides a new, improved, higher performing option for customers currently using 1H-Tetrazole or other existing activators,"​ he added.

Other advantages from using BMI activator include simplified scale-up and minimised instrument downtime.

BMI activator also is non-explosive, which eliminates US Department of Transportation restrictions for transporting the product's active ingredient, 5-Benzylmercapto-1H-tetrazole, unlike Tetrazole itself.

Honeywell B&J flexible packaging solutions provide adaptability to a variety of RNA/DNA synthesisers and ensure optimal dispensing options for a wide range of customer applications.

All Honeywell B&J activator solutions are filtered through 0.2 um filter to avoid clogging reagent transfer lines during synthesis.

For more information on the Burdick & JacksonT (B&J) BMI activator, please visit Honeywell​'s website.

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