Polymer Labs keeps its cool

By Kirsty Barnes

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Polymer Laboratories have launched a new Evaporative Light
Scattering Detector (ELSD) that it claims will improve the analysis
of pharmaceutical compounds at low temperatures.

In order to meet the requirements for analysis of non-UV absorbing, low molecular weight, semi-volatile drug candidates, such as short chain hydrocarbons, ELSDs must be operated at low temperatures in order to maximize detection for these compounds.

The new PL-ELS 2100 Ice (integrated cooled evaporator) is a variation on the company's existing ELSD and has been especially designed to operate at temperatures down to 10°C to achieve this higher level of sensitivity.

The new detector is able to reduce the operating temperature to below ambient for low molecular weight, low boiling point compounds by applying a stream of dry nitrogen during the evaporation step to reduce the relative humidity of the surroundings.

In addition to allowing low temperature operation, this nitrogen gas also facilitates the removal of water at sub-ambient temperatures, providing a more universal response across all compounds, said the company.

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