Novasep zeroes in on the chromatography market

By Gregory Roumeliotis

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French separations specialist Novasep has launched two new
chromatography systems, promising new levels of efficency in
preparative high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

Pack-n-Sep 50 is suited for purification of grams to hundreds of grams, combining both the advantages of a 50 mm i.d. Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) column, and a device capable of packing multiple columns that can be used separately with HPLC, SMB or Varicol systems.

Cyclojet, on the other hand, is a non-continuous, recycling chromatographic technology platform which uses a single column that increases both the productivity and recovery yield by two to ten fold compared to classical preparative HPLC and is especially designed to the lab scale and pilot separation of chiral compounds.

Among the advantages the Pack-n-Sep series offers to development chemists are compact design for user-friendly handling, with a capability to pack beds of up to 27 cm in a 34-cm long column, and reliability, as most critical parts are the same as in the Prochrom LC50 column.

Claiming to be the fastest packing/unpacking device on the market, it also offers versatility, since shorter (for SMB) or longer (for HPLC) columns are packed with the same packer, and smart design, as one packer can support numerous columns to meet lab needs at a cost effective price.

Pack-n-Sep can be used attached to the packer in DAC mode for applications demanding very high column efficiency and long-term bed stability.

They can also be used separately in non-DAC mode, with a unique feature for readjusting the packing pressure, and hence the efficiency, in seconds.

Meanwhile, Cyclojet offers improved performance compared to preparative HPLC and offers better productivity, higher recovery yield, as both purified fractions are recovered with yield greater than 99 per cent, and lower operating costs, since the production time is reduced and requires less stationary phase and the use of less solvents.

It features unique computer-assisted optimisation, it is user-friendly and is now available for all Novasep Hipersep HPLC units and can also be proposed as an upgrade for existing preparative and process-scale HPLC equipment.

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