Guava simplifies Ab screening with new kits

By Wai Lang Chu

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Guava Technologies aim to simplify antibody screening with its new
range of quantitative bead-based kits designed to quantify either
mouse or human IgG antibody (Immunoglobulin G) during hybridoma

The kits are the first quantitative, bead-based assays for the Guava microcytometry systems and represent a new approach to antibody quantitation by allowing assessments to be easily performed on a plate-based benchtop flow cytometer instead of traditional plate readers.

Currently, the method most often used for antibody quantitation is the Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay (ELISA), a biochemical technique used mainly in immunology to detect the presence of an antibody or an antigen in a sample.

It utilises two antibodies, one of which is specific to the antigen and the other of which is coupled to an enzyme.

This second antibody gives the assay its "enzyme-linked" name, and will cause a chromogenic or fluorogenic substrate to produce a signal.

The RapidQuant IgG's unique selling point provides rapid and reproducible results in the most appropriate range for screening hybridoma culture media.

Designed as universal IgG kits, the RapidQuant mouse IgG and human IgG assays quantify all IgG subtypes equivalently, saving time and money with a single assay.

Available for both human and mouse antibodies, Guava RapidQuant IgG kits have extremely simplified protocols that require very little sample manipulation and significantly less time than traditional ELISA protocols.

"Antibody development scientists often have to screen hundreds or thousands of hybridoma clones to select clones with the correct antibody specificity and then identify the clones producing the highest amounts of antibody,"​ said Lawrence Lem, strategic marketing & reagent product manager.

"With our new RapidQuant IgG kits, scientists can easily compare IgG production on large numbers of hybridoma clones using very small volumes of supernatant."

He added that RapidQuant IgG kits can combine with other Guava assays to accelerate the entire process of antibody screening by allowing all stages of screening to be performed from the culture media in a single well, typically without having to expand clones.

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