Thermo introduces fast kinetic measurements accessory

By Wai Lang Chu

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Thermo Electron introduces its rapid mixing accessory that is
designed for use with Thermo's Evolution 300 UV-Vis
spectrophotometer offering scientists reliable and precise
measurement of fast reaction kinetics.

The accessory is designed to allow kinetic measurements nearly 1000 times faster than allowed by manual reagent mixing allowing lab researchers to measure reactions on a millisecond timescale giving access to previously hidden reaction mechanisms.

In physical chemistry, chemical kinetics or reaction kinetics study reaction rates in a chemical reaction. Analysing the influence of different reaction conditions on the reaction rate gives information about the reaction mechanism and the transition state of a chemical reaction.

Current techniques and regular cuvettes do not allow such preciseness, as the reactants physically cannot be mixed fast enough.

Thermo's Rapid Mixing accessory has recorded a dead time of 8ms meaning the combination of this with an acquisition rate of 50 points/sec ensures precise data collection.

In addition, electronic triggering identifies the start of a reaction enhancing the quality of the data and the accuracy of the rates measured.

The Rapid Mixing accessory includes an automated pneumatic drive mechanism, which provides an air-assisted, mechanical system to start the measurement, eliminating the possibilities of human error and allowing scientists to perform fast and precise mixing of reactants - critical when measuring high performance kinetics.

In addition, Thermo's accessory is equipped with a thermocouple to measure the temperature of liquid surrounding the reactants and benefits from a user-adjustable alarm.

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