Product News in Brief 16.02.07

By Dr Matt Wilkinson

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A round up of recent product releases from across the industry.

Activotec​ has released their new Supercritical Fluid Extraction / Reaction (SFE/SFR) Processing System, the SFT-250, which is designed to perform extractions and run reactions in a range of supercritical fluid media.

Genevac​ will launch a new addition to its miVac sample concentrator range for highly affordable, careful and fast biological sample drying at Pittcon 2007.

Integra biosciences​ has announced the introduction of a new, easy to change 0.2um membrane filter for its Pipetboy comfort pipettors which eliminates contamination from overfilling by preventing liquid penetration.

Jasco​ has released a new preparative supercritical fluid extraction and chromatography (SFE/SFC) system, which can detect molecules using either ultra violet (UV), or circular dichroism (CD) and mass spectrometric (MS) detectors. The purity of chiral molecules can be monitored using the g-factor output of the CD detector.

Nikon Instruments​ has launched the AZ100 Multizoom microscope, which combines the wide field of view versatility of a stereo microscope with the resolution of a compound microscope and will find application in industrial inspection and quality control as well as life science R&D.

Olympus​ has released the new OLA2500 Series III, which incorporates three major new features into its leading peri-analytical automation system - 3D cap colour recognition, read through label (RTL) sample volume detection as well as automatic recapping.

Oxoid​, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific​, has released a new version of its AnaeroGen Compact W-Zip transparent pouches, designed to incubate small numbers of microbiological culture plates allowing microbial growth to be observed at any time without disturbance to the internal atmosphere.

Paraytec​ has released a technical application report for it's ActiPix D100 miniature capillary UV imaging detector, to be released at Pittcon 07, evaluating its use in nanolitre scale enzyme assays for rapid and cost effective evaluation of biocatalytic activity and characterisation of biochemical samples.

Sartorius​ has released its new LMA300P moisture analyzer which enables fast and non-destructive measurement of the moisture in pourable and granulated products within the 0.1 per cent to 85 per cent range.

Thermo Fisher Scientific​ has launched two new systems: WorkCell, a fully enclosed, environmentally controlled automation solution designed for high capacity cell growth, supply and in-line image analysis; and MaX WorkCell for high-performance protein crystallization platform.

Thermo Fisher Scientific​ has also launched a new series of MSC-Advantage safety cabinets for class II biological samples which offer optimal energy efficiency with advanced internal airflow.

Velocity 11​ has released its new compact, floor standing, Element microplate handling system that facilitates configuration to up to nine instruments for plate processing allowing microplate pipetting, mixing, sealing, barcode labeling and signal detection.

Wyatt Technology​ will release its new DynaPro Plate Reader at Pittcon 07, which incorporates state of the art technology to measure the size of biomolecule and nanoparticle samples directly from industry-standard microplates, increasing productivity by a factor of ten or more over conventional batch dynamic light scattering (DLS) systems.

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