Drugs moving into the clinic: 9

By Mike Nagle

- Last updated on GMT

The ninth in a series of periodic roundups of drugs that have moved
from preclinical research into clinical testing via the
announcement of a Phase I trial or an application for a trial to
industry regulators.

Sponsor Name Indication Mechanism Nautilus Biotech Belerofon Anti- infectives - specifically Hepatitis C virus (HCV) Long lasting analogue of interferon alpha N.B.subcutaneous form. Oral form descirbed here Polymun & European Microbicides Project Three monoclonal antibodies (C2F5, C2G12 and C4E10) Anti- infectives - HIV Designed to prevent infection through directly eliminating invading agents (e.g. in mucosal surfaces), neutralizing infectious agents by blocking essential steps in the infective process and activation of sterilizing immune functions (e.g. via the complement system or cytotoxic cells). LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals Unnamed Vaccine - against norovirus - viral gastroenteritis Virus like particles (VLPs), with preserved authentic conformation of the viral capsid. Mimics the functional interactions of the live virus, while lacking the ability to reproduce or cause illness. Includes adjuvants Mono- phosphoryl Lipid A, (GSKl) and chitosan (Archimedes Pharma) to enhance nasal delivery. Oragenics Change Mediated Antigen Technology Oncology - colorectal cancer Use proprietary technology to identify biomarkers of colorectal cancer in early, middle and late stages of the disease. NB. Awarded grant by NCI" NicOx & Pfizer PF-03187207 CNS - Glaucoma nitric oxide-donating prostaglandin F2-alpha analog - to reduce pressure within the eye Benitec & City of Hope unnamed Anti- infectives - HIV RNAi based - potential to make the patient's blood cells resistant to HIV after BMSC transplantation. The therapy combines three powerful RNA technologies (ribozymes, RNAi and RNA decoys) into one formulation, providing the benefits of HAART without the side effects.

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