Product news in brief - week 37

By Dr Matt Wilkinson

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releases, with new offerings from Affymetrix, ATTC, BTX, KD
Scientific, Illumina, Micronic, Seegene and Warner Instruments.

Affymetrix​ has added the GeneChip Mouse and Rat Gene 1.0 ST​ arrays to its offerings to provide researchers with a more accurate and informative method for detecting mouse and rat gene expression profiles. The arrays use the whole transcript (WT) sense target labelling assays, used in the Human 1.0 gene 1.0 ST array to deliver a more accurate view of a gene's total transcription activity. Both arrays contain more than 720,000 probes that interrogate more than 27,000 well-annotated genes. "The Mouse and Rat Gene 1.0 ST Arrays combine a subset of the probes found on the more comprehensive Exon Arrays with the simplicity and affordability associated with traditional 3' expression array designs,"​ said Dr John Blume, senior vice president of product development at Affymetrix. ATCC​ (American Type Culture Collection), the global non-profit bioresource and research organisation, has launched a new set of well characterised cell lines, the Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL) Cell Bank​ in an effort to advance mantle cell lymphoma research. "Productive, reproducible and valid research depends on authenticated research materials to provide consistent properties,"​ said Dr Yvonne Reid, manager of the MCL cell bank. "The Mantle Cell Lymphoma Cell Bank at ATCC ensures the distribution of high-quality cell lines critical to good research practices." BTX​ has launched several new electrofusion products, BTX Plant Protoplast Fusion Microslides​ for observing dimmer formation during electrofusion and the BTX Meander Fusion Chamber​ that generates a divergent field for electro cell fusion of mammalian cells, plant, yeast and micro-organisms. KD Scientific​ has launched a new high pressure syringe pump, the KDS 410, which can push up to 10 syringes at once. The pump can be triggered remotely by a foot pedal or switch as well as by a PC through an RS 232 interface. The pump works with syringes from 10ul to 140ml providing accurate flow delivery from 1nl/min to 145.5ml/min. Illumina​ has launched its fifth multi-sample Infinium BeadChip, the HumanLinkage-12 Genotyping BeadChip, which takes advantage of a 12 sample format to assist in linkage anlaysis. "We continue to see a need for linkage analysis tools, and for a number of years have had great success with Illumina's GoldenGate Assay for these kinds of studies. Now, we plan to run between 40,000 and 50,000 samples using the Infinium Assay to study diseases spanning schizophrenia to obesity,"​ said Dr Kimberly Doheny, director of the Genetics Resources Core Facility SNP Centre of the Johns Hopkins Institute of Genetic Medicine. Micronic​ has introduced a new sample tube reader, the TraXis TRxD​, designed for laboratories looking to achieve absolute sample security and traceability. The reader can simultaneously read both 2D TraXis codes and 1D linear bar codes. The reader comes complete with Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) software allowing easy and precise sample tube code reading from any Windows PC equipped with a USB port or by direct connection into an Ethernet socket. Seegene​ has introduced a new diagnostic test capable of detecting 18 different virus- and bacteria- induced respiratory infections in a single tube. The Seeplex​ 18-plex respiratory test is the only diagnostic test capable of simultaneously detecting 11 different respiratory RNA viruses, 2 DNA viruses, and 5 pneumonia bacteria from samples including nasopharyngeal aspirates, nasopharyngeal swabs and bronchoalveolar lavage. "Our new 18-plex Respiratory Test is what the clinical healthcare industry has been asking for - the ability to routinely test for a wide spectrum of respiratory pathogens in a single test, at the price of a single pathogen test,"​ stated Jong-Yoon Chun, Seegene's CEO. Warner Instruments​ has introduced a new lipid bilayer thermocycler workstation, the BLM-TC​. The Peltier-driven platform ensures tight and reproducible temperature control to enable the measurement of single channel events at temperatures between 5° and 50ºC.

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