Product news in brief - week 38

By Dr Matt Wilkinson

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new release from Bio-Rad, ESA Biosciences, Guava, Nanosphere,
Porvair, Schott Nexterion and Warsash Scientific.

Bio-Rad​ has launched new syphilis detection kit, the Syphilis IgG​, for use on its BioPlex 2200 system. The kit simultaneously detects three of the most clinically relevant antibodies to the Treponema pallidum bacteria that causes syphilis. "The release of the Syphilis IgG kit is another example of Bio-Rad's continued commitment to providing valuable tools that enable laboratories to improve testing methods, maximize efficiencies, and lower costs,"​ said John Goetz, Bio-Rad vice president and group manager of the Clinical Diagnostics business. ESA Biosciences​, a Magellan Biosciences​ company, has developed the first analytical system for stable routine measurement of thiols, thioethers, disulphides and other sulphur-containing compounds. Sulphur-containing compounds are critical to a variety of biologically and clinically important processes: from oxidative metabolism, to cardiovascular and neurodegenerative-disease mechanisms and signal transduction "The Boron Doped Diamond Electrode (BDDE), when coupled with our industry-leading Coulochem III ECD system, offers researchers the solution to a long-standing problem in bioanalysis: that of effectively and efficiently analysing sulphur-containing compounds,"​ said John Christensen, ESA's vice president of sales and marketing. "Given the vital role that sulphur-containing compounds play in many biological functions, we believe that the BDD system will be an important new tool to help scientists around the globe makes breakthrough discoveries that will improve health and enhance the quality of life." Guava Technologies​ has launched a new version of its Guava Cell Cycle Assay​ that enables quick, easy determination of G0/G1, S and G2/M cell cycle phases without interference from commonly occurring aggregates. Unlike traditional methods, the cell counts for each sample are direct and absolute, without the use of reference beads. Nanosphere​ has launched the first FDA cleared genetic test for Warfarin sensitivity that uses the Verigene​ system. The system determines an individual's ability metabolise the anticoagulant which is critical in determining the safe and appropriate dose. Porvair Sciences​ has lunches a new 48-well solid phase extraction (SPE) system, MaxiLute​, designed to bring the benefits of microplate technology to drug development, food and environmental laboratory currently using SPE cartridges. Each well has an individual drain spout ensuring 100 per cent sample transfer and zero cross over contamination and eliminates the mess associated with manual SPE cartridge sample preparation methods. Schott Nexterion​ and Sartorius Stedim Biotech​ have launched a new protein array slide, the NC-D​, which has a dark grey background to reduce auto-fluorescence and increase dynamic signal range. The new NC-D slides are available in either single, 16 pad or standard microarray format. Warsash Scientific​ has released a new miniature UV-Vis and NIR (near infra red) spectrometer, the Green-Wave​. The spectrometer is housed in a rugged casing and can be easily interface with a PC via a USB port. It can be configured to analyse over 15 different wavelength ranges and can be daisy chained using a USB for multi-beam applications such as Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS).

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