Product news in brief - week 40

By Dr Matt Wilkinson

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news, with releases from Harvard Apparatus, Invitrogen, Mettler
Toledo, Millipore, Syrris, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Velocity 11
and WLD-TEC.

Harvard Apparatus​ has launched an updated version of the Hugo Sachs Elektronik Steiert​ tissue bath system that enables researchers to study the effects of pharmacological agents on heart tissues. The system simultaneously measures both contraction force and intracellular action potentials in Purkinje fibres and papillary muscle. The Steiert Bath includes a perfusate pump, temperature controller, force transducer, stimulation and recording electrodes for a complete tissue physiology workstation. Invitrogen​ has licensed a range of microRNA (miRNA) sequences from Natural Selection​ so it can supply 'the most comprehensive human and mouse miRNA arrays on the market'. The sequences have been verified using deep sequencing, array profiling and qRT-PCR (quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction). The miRNA sequences will be submitted to the Sanger Institute's on-line database of miRNA sequences. For the first time, scientists will be able to investigate the role of many novel and previously unknown miRNAs using Invitrogen's miRNA arrays with Natural Selection content,"​ said Amy Butler, Invitrogen's vice president of Gene Expression Profiling. "By combining these new sequences with the latest Sanger 10.0 content, we are greatly expanding the potential for discovery of novel miRNA biomarkers for disease and development." Mettler Toledo​ has introduced a compact analytical moisture analyser for routine moisture determination in both laboratory and production environments, the HB43-S. The HB43-S heats samples uniformly for highly reproducible results and allows users to switch between two drying methods. Quick and easy method development is enabled by a unique interface and a method library that contains over 100 methods. Millipore​ has launched a new multiplex biomarker panel, the Beadlyte Human Cancer Biomarker Panel​, that can be used to detect various tumour types such as lung, breast, prostate and colorectal. The assay can be used to quantity the presence of macrophage, migration inhibitory factor (MIF), prolactin, leptin, osteopontin (OPN) and Insulin-like growth factor II (IGF-II) cancer biomarkers. Syrris​ has introduced a new parallel reaction station, Orbit​, for the Atlas automated synthesis station for parallel chemistry R&D. As part of the Atlas family, the Orbit has been designed with flexibility in mind and readily fits the Atlas Hotplate, Hot and Cold Circulator Plate or any regular third party equivalent to accommodate different numbers of tubes. The system is available in two different sizes that can accommodate either six 45ml tubes or twelve 10ml tubes. Thermo Fisher Scientific​ has introduced a range of advanced CO2 incubators for cell culture incubation. The Thermo Scientific Series 8000 CO2 incubators​ provide stable and precise temperature, humidity and CO2 control. The systems feature a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air filter) to ensure an aseptic culturing atmosphere by eliminating any airborne contamination as well as an automatic high temperature decontamination cycle for overnight sterilisation. Velocity 11​ has launched a new automated microplate spin-down station that enables batches of up to 320 microplates to be centrifuged. The VSpin automated microplate centrifuge​ integrates the VSpin Access 2 and the Benchcel microplate handling system to enable walk-away convenience at the click of a mouse button. WLD-TEC​ has introduced a modern alternative to the classic Bunsen burner, the Fuego PRO​ laboratory burner that provides safety features and portability not available with other burners. The safety control system constantly analyses potential hazards and, if necessary, interrupts the supply of gas.

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