Product news in brief - week 44

By Dr Matt Wilkinson

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news, with announcements from Air Science, Beckman Coulter,
Bio-Rad, Biohit, Carl Zeiss SMT, Proxeon, Shimadzu and Thermo
Fisher Scientific.

Air Science​ has introduced its new EDU​ mobile ductless fume hood that is ideal for classroom demonstrations and industrial training. The system is totally self contained and provides all round visibility while being easily moved between laboratories as it easily fits through standard doors. The multi-layered filter in the EDU has been independently tested to have a 99.9 per cent filtration efficiency for chemicals normally found in a typical chemistry curriculum. Beckman Coulter​ has successfully integrated its Vi-CELL XR​ cell viability analyser with Biomek​'s Laboratory Automation Workstations to enable real-time cellular imaging in a walk-away system for cell culture imaging. The system measures the viability of cells as well as counting them using the Trypan Blue cell viability tissue culture protocol. In combination with the automation the system will find increased application for use in basic cellular research, drug development and scale-up as well as quality control. "No other cell viability analyzer can be integrated for this level of automation​," said Karen Bezold, director of research flow cytometry and business development for Beckman Coulter. "Because Beckman Coulter's total product offering is so broad, we are uniquely qualified to provide complete solutions and support to our customers. This capability gives our users additional downstream application options for their easy-to-use Vi-CELL instruments." Bio-Rad​ has introduced a new Gene Pulser MXcell​ electroporation system to enable researchers to transfect mammalian, primary and difficult to transfect cells more easily. The system is fully programmable and can deliver up to 24 different electroporation protocols in a single 96 well plate in 2 minutes. According to the company, the system costs half the list price of other systems and enables researchers to rapidly deliver siRNA (small interfering RNA) into any type of mammalian cell line. Biohit​ has launched a new range of autoclavable mechanical pipettes, the Proline Plus​, which emphasis safety, ergonomics and efficiency. In addition, the pipettes are more resistant to UV light as well as wide range of chemicals. The system is easy to maintain and is equipped with a replaceable tip cone filter that offers additional protection against sample cross contamination. Carl Zeiss SMT's ORION Helium Microscope​ has won the Wall Street journal Technology Innovation Award 2007 in the category of Materials and Other Base Technologies because of its promise of "significantly improved resolution over more widely used electron microscopes". "We are extremely pleased to have been recognized by this renowned award. We have presented breakthrough technology in both physics and microscopy, which allowed us to bring to market a truly revolutionary product as result of our power of innovation and the dedicated work of the people behind the product,"​ said Bill Ward, principal inventor of the helium ion microscope and chief technologist at Carl Zeiss SMT, Inc.Proxeon​ has released an upgraded version of its ProteinCenter​ proteomics data interpretation software that performs bioinformatic analyses in minutes that would take months using conventional alternatives. The software boosts mproved visualisation capabilities and a new statistical module for determining the biological significance between datasets to increase the reliability of data interpretation. "Despite excellent performance of modern mass spectrometers and the use of multiple tools for preliminary protein identification and validation, proteomics scientists can still spend months on data analysis. Using ProteinCenter, they can confidently interpret large data sets and easily obtain meaningful biological information,"​ said Marten Winge, CEO of Proxeon. "We have refined the performance of ProteinCenter and added new functionalities in direct response to feedback from current users. Interested scientists can visit our web site and try out ProteinCenter for themselves, using their own data." Shimadzu​ has released software that enables its Prominence HPLC​ systems to be controlled by Waters Empower Chromatography​ data processing software. In addition, the software enables digital data acquisition from the system's photo diode array detector in the flame ionisation detector. The release follows the announcement of a collaborative agreement between the two companies at Pittcon 2007 to develop data processing software. Thermo Fisher Scientific​ has added the ALPS50V​ semi-automatic heat sealer to its well plate heat sealing range to ensure full sample safety inside the well plate. The system enables the accurate selection of optimal sealing temperature in the range 125ºC to 200ºC in 1ºC increments. "The ALPS 50V is compatible with all Thermo Scientific ABgene PCR and storage plates",​ said Melanie Yanek, product manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific. "As our extensive range of seals for applications from PCR to long-term storage in vapour phase liquid nitrogen, are compatible with the ALPS 50V, scientists can realize the benefits of using just one machine for all of their application-specific needs and obtain improved sealing consistency at an affordable price".

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