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Related tags: Thermo fisher scientific, Applied biosystems, Laboratory equipment brings you a round-up of new product releases
from Applied Biosystems, Bio-Rad, Carl Zeiss, Hilden, Hoefer,
Porvair, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Warner Instruments.

Applied Biosystems​ has launched a new software tool that aims to help forensic laboratories deliver DNA results more quickly by automating routine DNA analysis and facilitating more efficient manual review of complex samples. The GeneMapper ID-X​ software package provides computerised forensic expertise that streamlines the routine review of data eliminating redundant tasks. According to the company, mounting DNA evidence has created the need for faster DNA analysis and expert systems such as this knowledge-based computer programme help to process the increased flow of DNA data. "Applied Biosystems continues to respond to feedback from forensic scientists who are looking to have faster DNA data analysis,"​ said Dr Leonard Klevan, president for Applied Biosystems' applied markets division. "Faster DNA results help increase the amount of useful and reliable information available to forensic investigators to solve more crimes." Bio-Rad​ has released a new product guide (bulletin 5603​), that describes how researchers can optimize transfections in mammalian cells using its new Gene Pulser MXcell​ electroporation system and Gene Pulser​ electroporation buffer. The bulletin describes how varying various parameters can affect the delivery of siRNA or plasmid DNA into human primary fibroblast (HPF) cells and demonstrate how the Gene Pulser MXcell system can be used to find optimised paramaters in a multiplexed manner in a single easy and rapid experiment. Carl Zeiss​ has launched a new integrated suite, the Zen 2007​, of digital imaging software that reduces the complexity of using advanced laser scanning microscopes. According to the company, one of the major problems facing users of advanced laser scanning microscopes is the number and complexity of the image acquisition and microscope controls available that can make learning to control the microscope and manipulate resulting images a substantial barrier to beginners and advanced users alike. The Zen 2007 interface aims to negate this hurdle by providing a clearly defined user interface that can be individually tailored to each experiment and user. All laser scanning microscopes in the Zeiss LSM 5 Family​ from release 2.8 onwards can be upgraded to use the new software. Navigation through captured images has been simplified and the new 'Expose' mode enables images from up to three image containers to be opened simultaneously for comparison. Hiden​ has updated its HPR-20 TGA​ benchtop mass spectrometer (MS) to include a state-of-the-art integrated interface and analysis system that enables real-time detection and identification of multiple gaseous species weighing up to 500 amu. According to the company, the system is suitable for diverse thermo / thermogravimetric (TGA) applications and incorporates comprehensive data analysis programs for combined presentation of gas species and abundances, process temperature status and evolution rates. The internal quartz surfaces of the Quartz Inlet Capillary process interface ensures optimum sample integrity during the transfer stage to the close-coupled MS ionisation region and enable response times of 100ms. Hoefer Inc​., a subsidiary of Harvard Bioscience​, has introduced a new line of power supplies designed to enhance blotting and electrophoresis applications. The PS200-HC​ and PS300-B​ provide 4 sets of outputs, constant voltage or current and variable timer settings all packaged in a 'modern looking system with small footprint and ergonomically designed features'. According to the company, the 300 volt unit is primarily designed for the majority of electrophoresis techniques, with the 200 volt unit providing an ideal choice for most blotting applications. Hoefer Inc. of San Francisco, CA has announced the introduction of a NEW Line of Power Optimizing Electroporation Experimentation Porvair Sciences​ has launched a new 96-well Krystal 2000black and white​ well-plate designed to eliminate the well-to-well optical crosstalk inherent with plain white plates and reduce the occurrence of false-positives. According to the company, modern multi-mode plate readers provide very good sensitivity for chemiluminescence readings, none of them can accommodate extremely bright wells adjacent to very dim wells in white plates without reporting artificially high readings. To overcome this the Krystal 2000 contains individual white wells contained in an opaque black polystyrene matrix, formed using a "two-shot" manufacturing process. The plates conform to the standard SBS/ANSI format and are fully compatible with all commercially available top reading luminometers, multi mode readers, robotic sample processors and automated liquid handling systems. Thermo Fisher Scientific​ has launched its new Easy/Tox GC/MSProductivity Solution​ for the analysis of drugs of abuse in urine using the Thermo Scientific DSQ II​ single quadrupole GC/MS (gas chromatography / mass spectrometry) system. The Easy/Tox GC/MS offering has been designed to deliver optimum performance in forensic, clinical and medical laboratories where it is important to ascertain quickly and accurately whether a patient or suspect has drugs of abuse in their system. The Easy/Tox system, including all the sample preparation and consumables, has been validated for linearity, precision and specificity to cover GC/MS confirmation methods for five drug classes at cut-off concentrations specified by the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Warner Instruments​ has launched a new thermal insert platform, the TB-3 CCD Thermal Insert,​ for cell culture and tissue work in Prior Scientific's NanoScanZ​ microscope stage. The insert has been optimised to work with 35mm cell culture dishes and the Warner RC-40 Quick Change​ imaging chamber and can precisely control the temperature of the cell culture media in a range between 5 and 50C when used with Warner's low noise CL-100​ temperature controller and heat exchanger (TCM-1​ Thermal Cooling Module).

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