Capsugel to use NanoGuardian’s anti-counterfeiting tech

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NanoGuardian has licensed its NanoEncryption technology to Capsugel, a division of Pfizer, for use as an anti-counterfeiting system on the company’s capsule-based medications.

Capsugel will offer pre-NanoEncrypted capsules to pharma companies, eliminating the capital expenditure needed to install in-house anti-counterfeiting equipment. The company intends to begin supplying the capsules by mid-2010.

Guido Driesen, president and general manager of Capsugel: “After evaluating available security technologies, we chose NanoGuardian as a technology partner because of the sophistication, sustainability and benefits of their NanoEncryption technology​.”

NanoGuardian’s technology can be applied directly to capsules, tablets, vial caps and disposable syringes to provide protection from counterfeiting.

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