New hot melt capabilities for Bend

By Natalie Morrison

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New hot melt capabilities for Bend
Bend Research says the addition of a new 18mm extruder to its hot melt tech will cut costs and will allow it work with customers earlier in the drug development process.

The new equipment allows synthesis using a smaller amount of the API (active pharmaceutical ingredient), therefore cutting costs in the formulation process.

David Lyon, senior VP of research for the firm – which traditionally deals in spray drying tech – told the new extruder is the saving customers time and money.

“It’s really about cost,”​ he said. “One of the bigger costs in developing pharma products is synthesis, or achieving the compound of the API. Using the new tech, we can formulate drugs using a reduced amount of API, and that’s a big thing.”

Lyon added that the addition was a response to a demand from customers who want to outsource their drug development to one place.

“Often companies outsource elsewhere to synthesise that API, so being able to do it all in one place is a great cost benefit. I think the unique thing we bring to bear on amorphous dispersion and hot melt to do amorphous dispersion is the fact we can offer a one-stop-shop.”

Just around the Bend

The new addition is the company’s latest step toward hot melt extrusion capabilities.

When asked if it could soon begin to change its focus from spray drying to hot melt, Lyon replied: “No, we’re not moving in great leaps away from spray drying. We already provide hot melt capabilities, but Bend is primarily a spray drying firm. This won’t change.”

However he said we should expect more expansions in the area which supports its spray drying technology. “We are very much looking to forward our capabilities in formulating and developing amorphous dispersions for pharma,”​ he said.

Lyon also said Bend now hopes the tech will help attract new business – from both Big Pharma and small biotechs – part of a strategy our sister publication reported in February​.

He said: “Hopefully what it offers to us is even stronger relationships with clients and will attract more clients.”

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