Safe Doses Act means longer sentences for drug thieves

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Safe Doses Act means longer sentences for drug thieves
Criminals who steal drugs to try and resell them into the legitimate supply chain face longer sentences under new US legislation.

US President Barack Obama signed the Safe Doses Act (HR 4223) into law last week​ strengthening the penalties faced by people who are convicted to stealing pharmaceuticals or related products.

Specifically, HR N4223:

  • Increases sentences for those who steal medical products.
  • Enhances penalties for the “fences” who knowingly obtain stolen medical products for resale into the supply chain.
  • Increases sentences when harm occurs- where injury or death results from using a stolen substance or where the defendant is employed by an organization in the supply chain.
  • Makes theft of medical products a predicate for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) law, to equip law enforcement with needed tools.
  • Increases possible sentences for robbing pharmacies of controlled substances.
  • Provides restitution to victims injured by stolen medical products.

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