908 Devices launches a Rebel-lion in media analyzing

By Vassia Barba

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(Image: Getty/AlexRaths)
(Image: Getty/AlexRaths)

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908 Devices launches Rebel, a bioprocess analyzer, enabling researchers to conduct their own cell culture media analysis to accelerate process development ‘by weeks’.

Boston, US-based company 908 Devices, a developer of bioprocessing laboratory appliances, has designed a real time analyzing device with the aim of reducing the time required for researchers to analyze and optimize the composition of cell media used in drug development.

“Composition of cell media is critical for maximizing the productivity of the cell line, as well as the quality of the biotherapeutic,”​ Kevin Knopp, CEO of 908 Devices, told us.

However, according to Knopp, researchers need to send samples of fresh or spent media to core laboratories or third party testing sites for analysis of components, including amino acids, dipeptides, and vitamins, with the results taking ‘several weeks’ to return. 

Analyzing cell media composition in the lab, the Rebel allows researchers to make on-the-spot decisions, says the CEO of 908 Devices..
By analyzing cell media composition in the lab, the Rebel allows researchers to make on-the-spot decisions, says the CEO of 908 Devices.

In response to this bottleneck, Rebel, developed by 908 Devices, can be used at the point of need, providing ‘actionable’ answers in real-time, allowing researchers to make critical on-the-spot decisions.

According to Knopp, the device can be operated by staff with minimal training, at any lab with a standard power outlet and requires no special sample preparation beyond filtering and dilution.

Additionally, “The ‘minuscule’ sample volume requirement allows for cell media optimization to occur earlier in the process development stage, for example at the microtiter plate and microbioreactor scale, where total bioreactor volumes are small, and the scientist needs to run assays frequently during the process,” ​Knopp told us.

As a result, using the Rebel can accelerate process development cycles “by weeks, if not more,” ​according to its designers.

Asked about the choice of name for the product, Knopp said that it has stirred up a “rebellion against the mainstream methods bogging down process development labs.”​ 

908 Devices also told us it is in touch with researchers outside of upstream process development and media optimization, exploring other potential capabilities of the device for future development.

The company presented its newly launched product at Boston’s Bioprocessing Summit and prepares to also showcase it in the city’s upcoming Biotech Week Boston event.

“Conferences like this are an important way to connect with customers, learn more about their analytical challenges, and discuss the tools we think can help,”​ Knopp told us.

He added that the exhibition will be an opportunity to learn about other technologies in the field, and exchange expertise.

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