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Clinical Trials Day 2023

Clinical trial diversity - a Q&A with Clincierge

By Liza Laws

The US Food and Drug Administrarion will soon require researchers and companies seeking approval for late-stage clinical trials to submit a diversity plan for trial participants. Scott Gray, CEO of Clincierge, discusses how trial sponsors and CROs can...

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Cognizant to provide comprehensive approach to adopting AI

By Liza Laws

Cognizant has announced a platform that can use it consulting, advisory, ecosystem partnership along with digital studios and industry knowledge to help its clients transition to generative artificial intelligence (AI).

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Charm Therapeutics gains investment from NVentures to develop therapeutics for cancer

By Charm Therapeutics gains investment from NVentures for cancer therapeutics

Charm Therapeutics has announced investment from NVentures – NVIDIA’s venture investment arm. This represents a major milestone for Charm and means it will be able to deliver more on its research and development (R&D) activities for novel oncology...

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Interview: The importance of digital biomarkers in clinical research

By Liza Laws

Rich Christie is chief medical officer at AiCure LLC. He is a firm believer in digtal biomarkers and the audio and visual biomarkers that can be captured through a front-facing camera. OSP inteviewed him to find about more about the changing landscape...

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