Digital advances in clinical trials - clinical development

Digital advances in clinical trials - clinical development

This editorial webinar moves downstream to clinical development, as several advancements in technology are changing the way we view clinical trials, including remote monitoring solutions. Also, tools like wearables are moving studies away from a central site location, in both virtual and hybrid models.

With use cases across the drug development continuum, AI also is being used to improve clinical trial recruitment, pharmacovigilance, safety, and risk management as the industry collects data from more sources than ever before.


Asa Oxner Asa Oxner Vice Chair Dept of Internal Medicine, Director COVID Testing and Follow Up Clinic
University of South Florida

Dr. Matthew T. Mullarkey Dr. Matthew T. Mullarkey, Ph.D. Director, Doctor of Business Administration Program
University of South Florida, Muma College of Business

Joe Dustin  Joe Dustin Head of Clinical Innovation
Bristol Myers Squibb

Julia Moore Vogel  Julia Moore Vogel Director
Scripps Research

Jenni Spinner Jenni Spinner Editor

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