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Oncology Trials Outsourcing 2011

Oncology Trials Outsourcing 2011

Cancer​ drug development is the most complex challenge faced by the drug industry​ today, with clinical​ trials being the most technically difficult, time consuming and expensive aspect of the process.


Recruiting patients​, monitoring sites and analysing complex data can be daunting for cost-sensitive pharmas​, which is why more and more turn to CROs​ with oncology​ expertise to help tap the lucrative cancer therapeutics market​.


The Oncology​ Trials Outsourcing conference will examine the contract oncology​ research sector: the strategies that work and those that don’t; the path to success and hurdles to avoid, with expert​ opinion and industry insight.


We’ll also look to the future and discuss the emerging trends and hot topics, from adaptive protocols to personalized medicines​ that will be critical to success for pharmas​ seeking to create the next generation of treatments​.