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Oncology Trials Outsourcing - State of the market

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“Oncology has become one of the major focus areas for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies because of a high number of unmet needs for improved treatments in different types of cancer. In 2009, around 40,000 Phase I, II and III trials were listed on, and approximately 40% of these were related to cancer.”​ – Source Business Insights
This presentation will give a market overview: which drugs are in development for which cancers; what are the areas of unmet need; and which contract research organizations (CROs) lead the field.
Points addressed:

  • Who’s developing what for which cancers
  • Pipeline opportunities – what are the unmet needs in oncology
  • Profiles of the leading CROs in the oncology trial services sector
  • How use of CROs can help overcome the unique challenges in oncology development


Gareth Macdonald, Senior Editor,


Eric Bolesh, Research Director, Cutting Edge Information