Partnerships in Clinical Trials


Partnerships in the largest clinical trials meeting in the world. ​This leading event is a unique senior leadership meeting focused on overcoming challenges clinical trials executives face- attracting over 1500+ clinical decision makers from 50+ countries.

Partnerships is a catalyst for collaboration and transformational change for everybody interested in progressing clinical trials. The 2012 event boasts over 130 sessions throughout the 3-day event including strategies behind how to create innovative business models, improve outsourcing relationships, reduce cost and study timelines, and obtain regulatory approval of your product. The speaking faculty consists of leading visionary out-of-industry business minds that provoke change and inspire action combined with the greatest representation of experience and expertise from the world’s top clinical trial and drug development practitioners. This unique mix of collective intelligence allows you to be inspired, think out of the box, and apply practical tools based on real-world experiences so that you have the highest quality of ALL BRAND NEW CONTENT that is screened by an industry content review board to censure all commercialism. The program is designed with formats that encourage, inspire and facilitate peer exchange, open dialogue, and meaningful discussions so attendees are engaged in their education and in building purposeful collaboration.​Although the conference is the largest clinical trials meeting in the world, we provide a range of activities to ensure intimate networking opportunities for purposeful collaboration so that you can meet the right people most important to your clinical business needs. For more information and to register, visit

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