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Datwyler's Starter Pack - A Single Source Solution for Drug Discovery Through Drug Delivery
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Datwyler's Starter Pack - A Single Source Solution for Drug Discovery Through Drug Delivery

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Datwyler Sealing Solutions is a leading industrial supplier and a key player in the global healthcare industry. The Swiss-based company offers state-of-the-art solutions for parenteral packaging and medical devices, built on more than 100 years of experience. To further its goal and efforts to be a strong partner to its customers in the development and introduction of new drugs, Datwyler introduced its Starter Pack. From the discovery phase through commercial launch, choosing the right packaging solution could be the determining factor in the success of the drug development process. With the Starter Pack, Datwyler can offer its customers reliable support, from drug discovery through drug delivery.

With the increasing complexity and stricter requirements on drug development in the healthcare industry, market leaders need to find advanced and innovative ways to keep pace with these changes. The Starter Pack offers comprehensive packaging solutions to ensure drug efficacy, stability, and, ultimately, patient safety. Featuring SCHOTT adaptiQ®​ vials and Datwyler’s Omni Flex stoppers and Prime Caps, the Starter Pack offers its customers sealing solutions for every stage of drug development.

Datwyler developed the Starter Pack to serve its customers with a range of compatible primary packaging components to be used in every drug development application. This enables its customers to incorporate high-quality components and commercial packaging solutions into their testing and clinical trial strategy, including diagnostic research, clinical trials, and product launch. Datwyler is aware of the challenges that customers are facing in their respective fields. By considering all critical aspects within the product development, the company supports its customers in finding the right packaging solution for their needs.

A single source solution: superior packaging components and a full service offering

Datwyler Starter Pack

Figure 1: Datwyler's Starter Pack: a single source solution for drug development and clinical trials.

All products provided in the Starter Pack are ready-to-use (RTU) and have been sterilized in accordance with pharmaceutical and regulatory guidelines. The elastomer stoppers are coated with Omni Flex – a proprietary coating solution that meets the highest demands for highly sensitive, large molecule drugs. Prime Caps are Datwyler’s aluminum sealing solution for flawless machineability on high-speed filling lines. The SCHOTT adaptiQ®​ vials can be processed on a wide range of new and existing fill & finish equipment. During the entire filling and finishing process, including lyophilization, the vials remain nested and thus protected.  Additionally, all of Datwyler’s vial closure solutions are produced, controlled, and tested under the most stringent conditions in order to guarantee patient safety. These intensive quality measures are taken to align with Datwyler’s mission to improve patients’ lives by constantly striving for zero defects in all its products.

Datwyler’s Starter Pack offers the flexibility to choose between 2R and 10R vials, injectable or lyophilization stoppers and the corresponding Prime Caps. Furthermore, it includes all the technical and quality documentation to support regulatory filing. As the Starter Pack is available and in-stock, Datwyler enables its customers to accelerate their research and development.