2020 Editorial Calendar

Editorial Schedule and Features List

Outsourcing-Pharma Editorial Calendar 2020
March 2020DCAT week
April 2020 CPhI North America
May 2020Drug discovery and preclinical research
June 20201. BIO International Convention
2. DIA Annual Meeting
3. Digital Health in Clinical Trials - Part I (Editorial Webinar)
4. Producing quality APIs & HPAIs
July 20201. Clinical Research as a Care Option (CRAACO) Conference
2. Interphex
3. Innovation in Drug Delivery - part II (Editoral Webinar)
4. Securing the global clinical trial supply chain
August 20201. Creating a secure supply chain
2. Drug development in the era of precision medicine
October 20201. CPhI Worldwide
2. AAPS PharmSci 360
November 20201. At the cutting edge: Continous manufacturing
2. Patients as partners: The evolving roles in drug development
December 20201. Addressing the bioavailability challenge
2. Digital Health in Clinical Trials - Part II (Editorial Webinar)
3. A year in review and the year ahead: Trends, challenges, and opportunities

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