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826 pH mobile – GLP anytime anywhere

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826 pH mobile – GLP anytime anywhere

Wherever you want to measure a pH value, the 826 pH mobile is your most reliable companion. Based on 60 years of experience in pH measurement, the 826 pH mobile is fully in line with Metrohm's tradition of high-quality instruments "Made in Switzerland". However, we do not just rely on our reputation, but strive to provide the most modern technology: wipHi – Wireless communication with printer and PC "Point and shoot" connection to printer and PC via IrDa-interface Various GLP-compliant reports and printouts Data transfer to Metrodata VESUV 3.0 or LIMS compHort – Designed for easy operation Form and function – modern design and high-quality materials Easy operation – cursor-controlled text-guided menu dialog pHidelity – "Swiss made" technology you can rely on High-precision measuring input with a resolution of 0.001 pH GLP at its best: three-point calibration with automatic buffer recognition and temperature compensation User and sample identification Result memory for 200 measuring values (incl. date, time and identifi-cation) Automatic reading or sending of measured values immediately after a keystroke, drift controlled, after a predefined time interval or after reaching a predefined difference to the previous measured value Battery operated (4 x 1.5 V LR6 (UM3, AA), min. 500 h operating time) Protection class IP67 (if electrodes with plug type I are used) The novel 6.0228.020 "Long Life Primatrode" with new plug type I is ideal for use with the 826 pH mobile. Combined with this pH electrode, the hous-ing of the 826 pH mobile corresponds to protection class IP67, which means that the 826 pH mobile can be used in extremely humid environ-ments subject to splash water. Even if the instrument should briefly be-come immersed in water, its functioning will not be affected. The 826 pH mobile is also available in a completely equipped carrying case that contains buffer solutions, measuring vessels and sample bottles – in short everything you need for field measurements. In addition, the case can also be used as a working surface. Find the right electrode and the right pH meter for your measurement at

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