Biomarkers of Metabolic Syndrome in Clinical Trials


Format: External webinar | Document type: Webinar

Pacific Biomarkers, Inc.
PBI scientists will discuss latest developments in biomarkers for metabolic syndrome. Topics: 1) Pre-analytical and analytical concerns regarding gut and incretin hormones, 2) Dysfunctional HDL biomarkers in metabolic syndrome, and 3) Kidney Injury Markers and their usefulness in diabetic nephropathy. Attendees would include scientists and physicians involved in drug-development with focus on biomarker selections for clinical trials.


Amar A. Sethi Amar A Sethi Vice President Research and Development
Pacific Biomarkers, Inc.

Dorota Schranz Dorota Schranz Director Biomarker Development & Validations
Pacific Biomarkers, Inc.

Timothy Carlson Timothy Carlson Laboratory Director/Senior Director of Biomarker Innovation
Pacific Biomarkers, Inc.

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