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Bonfiglioli Engineering - quality and innovation for the pharma industry.

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Bonfiglioli Engineering - quality and innovation for the pharma industry.

Bonfiglioli Engineering has become a global player in the medical arena offering a wide range of leak testing machines complying with FDA regulations.

In the past, most pharmaceutical manufacturers had to rely on testing that was both destructive and expensive. Bonfiglioli offers the same manufacturers cost-effective and non-destructive alternatives to ensure package integrity. This not only guaranties the end-user a product of high standard in safety but protects the manufactures from financial loses due to recalls, lawsuits and eventually their reputation.

Bonfiglioli Engineering apart from offering machines for different shapes, sizes and material has now also started supplying combined machines such as the PK-V-Vis Combi purchased lately by Labesfal (Fresenius Kabi Group).

The combi machines can reach outputs up to 400cpm and vial size can range between 2 -100ml. The leak testing method is according to ASTM standards and is fully validated. Besides leak testing the PK-V-Vis Combi is also a visual inspection machine equipped with cameras that performs particle inspection, level inspection and cosmetic inspection. Thus making the machine cost effective and hence space and time saving.

Bonfiglioli Engineering also offers leak testing machines for pre-filled syringes. The LF SY is the laboratory version, compact in size and ideal for sample testing. The SY 400 is the inline version whereby 6 nests per minute can be individually tested via vacuum/pressure testing.

The demand in the market for combined machines have led the Bonfiglioli R&D team to come up with these innovative machines that meet the clients expectation.

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