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Dual-Chamber Technology (lyophilization)

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Dual-Chamber Technology (lyophilization)

The Vetter Lyo-Ject® dual chamber ready-to-use syringe is designed for sensitive drugs which will not degrade in a lyophilized state. The actual active ingredient is lyophilized in one chamber, while the other chamber of the syringe contains a solvent that is mixed with the active substance immediately before application. This all-in-one concept assures easy handling and precision in dosing. A selection of different syringes is available, to assure minimal product loss, reduced overfilling with minimal package waste. Putting a lyophilized drug in a self contained, ready-to-use system with the diluent enables the user to quickly activate and administer the product without the use of multiple needles or transfer devices. It is safer and easier for everyone. Available Systems: Vetter Lyo-Karpule V-LK® Dual-chamber cartridge with in-situ lyophilized active ingredient and solvent For multidose use in pensand autoinjectors Portable Easy to handle Vetter Lyo-Ject® Dual-chamber all-in-one syringe for quick activation and administration of the product Convenient handling Precise dosage Highly innovative application

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