Early development screening for technology selection and formulation design

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In early formulation development of low solubility drugs, it is critical to identify the appropriate technology and produce promising formulations with a minimal input of time, money, and API. In this webinar, we will highlight select in vitro tests, as well as an absorption calculator interface that can accelerate formulation selection and design.The amorphous solubility test is a rapid assay for determining the amorphous solubility of a drug, and the ability of polymers and/or surfactants to prevent crystallization from the supersaturated state. The membrane flux test is a rapid method for determining the free drug concentration for complex formulations.In this webinar, we will present data from these and other in vitro analyses that can be examined in the context of in vivo absorption with an early-phase absorption calculator. Join us to learn how leading scientists formulate and screen amorphous solid dispersions.


Grass100x100 Michael Grass Principal Investigator
Bend Research

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