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Enzymatic STAT titrations with 842 Titrando

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Enzymatic STAT titrations with 842 Titrando

The 842 Titrando expands the Titrando system by adding the modes pH STAT titration and controlled dosing.

STAT titration

The determination of the activity of an enzyme or the monitoring of the release kinetics of antacid drugs requires a titrator that rapidly adjusts a predefined pH value and keeps it constant over a long time period. The 842 Titrando's controller has been optimized for this task and is among the best available on the market.

Tandem dosing is a new feature offered by the 842 Titrando. To avoid a break in dosing when the buret is refilled, a second buret takes over the dosing operation without any interruption. This means that fast reactions and those that have a high reagent consumption can be monitored without any loss of accuracy.

Controlled dosing

The tasks to be performed in the synthesis laboratory differ from those in titration. Typical synthesis work involves maintaining constant a pH value or performing a multiple dosing operation under strictly defined conditions: A preset volume has to be added to a solution during a given time span. During the controlled dosing procedure, the parameters pH (or potential) and temperature are continuously monitored and registered. This results in a complete documentation of the synthesis sequence.

Dosing can also be carried out continuously in the tandem mode with two Dosinos.

A new feature of the 842 Titrando is its ability to perform control tasks. External instruments can be controlled by means of freely programmable TTL signals or by communication via RS 232 interface. This opens up the possibility of remotely controlling external heating or cooling apparatus, pumps or similar devices.

The 842 Titrando is compatible with PC Control 4.0, the latest firmware versions of 808, 809 und 840 Touch Control and tiamo​ 1.1.

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