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F-MELT - ODT made simpler

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F-MELT - ODT made simpler

F-MELT®, developed by Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. in Japan, is a directly compressible excipient system for fast Oral Disintegrating Tablets (ODTs).
 F-MELT®, a free-flowing granular powder, is produced by co-spray-drying a proprietary formulation of carbohydrates, disintegrants, and inorganic ingredients. Consisting of porous spherical particles, F-MELT® exhibits excellent tabletting properties and facilitates rapid water-penetration for a fast disintegration time.
 Features that make F-MELT® Unique:

  • Easy Preparation of ODTs
     Compatible with standard tabletting press.
  • Directly Compressible
     "Off-the-shelf" excipient.In contrast to using wet-granulation and other ODT technologies, it is time-saving and cost-effective.
     Highly flowable and less sticking/capping.
     Excellent tablet hardness and low friability.
  • Oral Disintegrating Time
     Typically under 30 seconds.
  • High API Loads
  •  Up to 60% API loads possible.
  • Makes Commercial Sense
     No royalty and licensing fees required.
  • Other features:
  • cGMP manufactured, pleasant mouth-feel, and neutral pH.
  • Grades and Application
  • Suitable for Pharmaceutical medicine and nutritional supplements*.
  • Grades: Type C for a faster disintegration time and Type M for better compression.
     *Only Type C is allowed for nutraceutical supplement ODTs in EU. Not allowed in the USA or Japan. Please inquire about other countries.
  • In conformity with USP/NF, EP and JP.
  • US DMF (Type IV) No. : 20084 (Type C only).


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