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FC M 48 - a brand-new, completely self-contained production size coater from O'Hara!

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FC M 48 - a brand-new, completely self-contained production size
coater from O'Hara!

The brand-new "Fastcoat Modular" (FC M) Series is a completely redesigned and self-contained range of O'Hara Production Tablet Coating Systems (50- 400kg). Skid mounted modular design with built in controls, air handler, spray system and air plenums featuring gravity tablet discharge system allows to reduce: Installation Cost and Time; Validation Cost and Time; Overall System Footprint; Site Engineering; Loading and Uploading Time. This innovative design is ideal for those companies that have fixed budgets, stretched technical resources and short time lines. The installation scope and testing of a typical production tablet coater can virtually double the cost and the time of your project once it gets to your facility. The FC M can be skid-mounted and fully fitted and tested at the factory with integrated modular air handling unit, controls and spray system. When it leaves the O'Hara facility it comes to the client's facility in one unit just as it was tested. Final connections can be made in just hours and testing and validation can progress from there. This is perfect for tablet coating requirements in all parts of this ever-changing pharmaceutical world. The FC M also features a newly integrated supply and exhaust plenum (patent pending). The supply plenum is built in as part of the pan cabinet and delivers gentle and laminar drying air to the tablet bed evenly over its entire surface, greatly reducing disruption to the spray. The exhaust plenum is also built in as part of the pan cabinet; no longer does this heavy and complicated device have to be removed for cleaning and maintenance. No matter how you decide to slice it, the O'Hara Fastcoat Modular will be the coating system for all your applications.

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