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Fujicalin® - The Unique DCPA

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Fujicalin® - The Unique DCPA

Fuji Chemical presents an innovative dibasic calcium phosphate anhydrous (DCPA) for direct compression tabletting. Compared to conventional DCPA and DCPD, Fujicalin® delivers improved benefits largely because of the unique manufacturing process. During synthesis, the primary crystal growth is restricted to sub-micron size. After that, spray-drying step combines the sub-micron crystals which form spherical and smooth granules (mean particle diameter of 112 mm).Features that make Fujicalin Unique

  • Highly Compressible
  • It's harder than conventional DCPA and DCPD under direct compression pressure.
  • Oil Adsorption Capability
  • The high degree of porosity and specific surface area is maintained even under high compression pressure.
  • Easy Blending and High Flowability
  • The spherical shape creates less friction so there is superior flowability.
  • Excellent Tablet Disintegration
  • Fujicalin forms synergies with other disintegrants to promote rapid disintegration regardless of tablet harness.
  • Non-Abrasiveness
  • Unlike the hard and rough granules of DCPA and DCPD, Fujicalin granules have a smooth surface and are not abrasive.


Other features:

Neutral pH, low hygroscopicity, high compactability leads to tablet volume reduction, and dissolves quickly in gastric acid.


Conforms to USP/NF and JP under dibasic calcium phosphate anhydrous and Ph. Eur under calcium hydrogen phosphate anhydrous.


Pharmaceutical and food applications involving direct compression. Fujicalin® may be used to replace existing excipients or used in part to synergize with other components.

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