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HERMETICA Capsule Banding Machine

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HERMETICA Capsule Banding Machine

The Hermetica is a capsule banding machine for tamper evident sealing of capsules filled with liquids, but also with powders or other products.
The banding is achieved through the application of a ring of liquid gelatine on the external surface of the capsule. The machine balcony structure, the position of the capsule feeding unit and the exit chute allow good accessibility and easy operations.

The two gelatine bowls are separated and independently controlled. A double gelatine band is applied by the two rollers with independent speed regulation, so that any air bubble of unevenness in the first band is overcome by the second application.
A pre-drying unit guarantees a fast fixing of the gelatine band before the capsule is transferred in the drying box for final drying.
Size change-over is very quick and easy: both sealing and drying transport plates contain a double row of capsules, thus reducing the number of pieces to be changed and cleaned.
A 100% checking system through camera can be additionally fitted, to control and select each individual banded capsule.
Gelatine temperature and viscosity can be adjusted independently in each bowl.

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