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High throughput and fast processing in capsule format

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High throughput and fast processing in capsule format

Mustang® XT5000 capsules provide the benefits of membrane chromatography in a convenient large-scale capsule format for single use processing. Each unit is constructed with Pall's proven Mustang multi-layer membrane format with an equivalent membrane volume of 5 liters per capsule. Systems may be designed and operated with capsules in series or parallel for even greater processing capacities where required. This is an ideal format for many applications of ion exchange chromatography in biopharmaceutical and bioprocessing applications.

Mustang Technology

Available at this time with Mustang Q chemistry, the membrane has an anion exchange support with pendant quaternary amine functional groups in a cross-linked polymeric coating on a 0.8 µm pore size membrane. Mustang chromatography allows biomolecules to access all binding sites by direct fluid convection. The binding is not diffusion-limited. High dynamic binding and also sharp breakthrough curves are achieved over a very wide range of flow rates and a large range of molecular sizes. This results in significant advantages over resins packed in columns, especially where high flow rates may be used and also where large molecules are to be captured or removed. The availability of the Mustang XT capsule, with a high membrane capacity per unit, significantly extends the range of volume processing for this technology.

Capsule Format

Mustang Q capsules are more convenient, more reliable, and quicker to use than chromatography resins because they are provided in a format which does not require any media packing. They also are designed for single batch use, thereby eliminating cleaning and the time and cost associated with cleaning validation. Cross contamination risks are also removed with single batch processing. Multiple cycle batch processing is also possible due to the high flow rates and short cycle times, which may be used with these capsules.

Proven Applications

Mustang Q capsules with the same membrane technology and smaller membrane volumes are already used in a wide range of approved processes and clinical trials for applications such as the removal of DNA, endotoxins, and viruses as well as capture of recombinant proteins, plasmids and other viral vectors and blood plasma fractions.

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