How glass-forming polymers improve bioavailability / Enhanced oral bioavailability with Soluplus® – case study

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How glass-forming polymers improve bioavailabilityPolymers are essential components of oral solid dosage forms and used as binders, disintegrants or coatings. Given the increase in poorly water-soluble drugs, not only well-known but also specifically designed polymers (e.g. Soluplus®) can be used to improve both drug dissolution and bioavailability. Solid dispersions – embedded drug molecules at a molecularly dispersed state into an amorphous polymer – have shown superior bioavailability in comparison to other drug delivery systems. This webinar introduces the specific process technologies, namely hot melt extrusion or spray-drying, and the polymeric excipients available in the BASF portfolio to develop stable solid solutions.Enhanced oral bioavailability with Soluplus® – case studySoluplus® based solid solutions increase the solubility and oral bioavailability of poorly soluble active ingredients.Results from an in-vivo study in dogs with itraconazole showed a more than two-fold increase in oral bioavailability of a Soluplus® based formulation compared to the commercially available drug product. The Presentation explains what is special about Soluplus® and gives recommendations for in-vitro dissolution testing and the formulation of a quickly disintegrating tablet.


Felicitas Guth Felicitas Guth Head of R&D/Formulation Pharma

Heiko Alexander Schiffter Heiko Alexander Schiffter Formulation Nutrition & Health

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