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How sustainability efforts could change your supply chain for the better

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How sustainability efforts could change your supply chain for the better

Going green is moving from a clichéd corporate phrase to simply the way business is run. Companies around the globe continue to make significant investments in sustainability that benefit not only the environment, but also the customers they serve. What does green mean for specialty logistics — and why does it matter for your supply chain? World Courier explores a few of the most critical questions shippers are asking when it comes to eco-friendly innovation. 

It’s no secret that sustainability is largely driven by reductions in a company’s carbon footprint. And for transport providers, fuel consumption is perhaps the most challenging component of green initiatives. Air transport, by nature, puts a strain on the environment that shippers may not be able to overcome when transporting products with time and temperature constraints across continents. World Courier discusses the factors involved in Going Green and how sustainability and specialty transport can go hand-in-hand?

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