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Industrial freeze-dryers: Lyomax

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Industrial freeze-dryers: Lyomax

IMA EDWARDS​ is the leading name in the supply of a wide range of freeze-dryers and loading/unloading systems to support all pharmaceutical packaging needs, with equipment suitable for use in an aseptic area or with isolation technology. Within freeze-drying, a complete range from pilot modes up to large production units is available for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Industrial freeze-dryers: Lyomax

Created for configure-to-order applications using Modular Design Technology, Lyomax can be designed, manufactured and qualified to meet any requirement. With Lyomax, virtually any configuration is possible, whether single floor, multi-level or pass-through.

In order to gain control of development time and cost in custom engineering, IMA EDWARDS applies Modular Design Technology (MDT), which allows for the well-balanced use of pre-engineered modules wherever possible. The Lyomax range is equipped with the latest SCADA system, managing a robust series of PLCs to cover global requirements. The machines are all qualified in accordance with GAMP4 and comply with the latest FDA and EMEA requirements.


Industrial freeze-dryers: Lyofast

The high quality offered by IMA EDWARDS is now within everyone's reach. The pre-engineered standard solution answers customers' need for a cost-effective package as reliable and efficient as any other IMA EDWARDS product.
A series of standard modules provide the foundation of the Lyofast model concept. Pre-engineering results in time and cost benefits, while a wide range of standard options ensure sufficient flexibility over a broad range of configurations.
By constructing from a series of standard modules, IMA EDWARDS is able to compress project schedules and reduce lead times - even with large capacity equipment. Compared to a custom-built lyophiliser, the lead time for Lyofast is reduced by up to 50%. This provides the customer with a competitive edge by reducing the time to market.

Laboratory freeze-dryers: Minifast

With the introduction of the Minifast range of lyophilisers, IMA EDWARDS has established the connecting factor between a typical bench-top freeze dryer used in laboratories and the industrial Lyofast or Lyomax range of freeze dryers. The Minifast provides the customer with the direct 'line of sight' required by the FDA between the pilot type freeze dryer that is suitable for scale-up and the larger full production freeze dryers.

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