Innovations in OSD

Format: External webinar | Document type: Webinar

Innovations in OSD

This DFE series of educational webinars looks at innovations in Oral Solid Dose Forms with the emergence of advanced technologies such as Continuous Manufacturing and 3D printing. The benefits and regulatory challenges will be explored, including how to manage the risk from the impact of excipient variability. In 3D the conflict between the novel materials which may be required, and regulatory acceptability, is a challenge. Perceived regulatory uncertainty may limit the widespread adoption of Continuous Manufacturing, despite the benefits of no scale-up and reduced risk of segregation.

The session will be of interest to personnel in R&D, Quality, and Regulatory.


Divya Tewari Divya Tewari Director, North America
DFE Pharma

Atul  Dubey Atul Dubey Director of Pharmaceutical Continuous Manufacturing
United States Pharmacopoeia

Clive Roberts Clive Roberts Head of School of Pharmacy
University of Nottingham

Stephen Hoag Stephen Hoag Professor at Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Maryland

Pauline Janssen Pauline Janssen Technology & Innovation
DFE Pharma

Brian Carlin Brian Carlin Director QbD/Regulatory
DFE Pharma

Doug Hausner, Ph.D Doug Hausner, Ph.D. Senior Manager, Continuous Manufacturing Business