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Innovative Tablet Coating Systems

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Innovative Tablet Coating Systems

The XL™lab​ 01 and 02 are interchangeable drum machines for research and development and smaller batch production with no compromise on GMP, cleanability or control. Both XL™lab coaters are fitted with M-tec™ control.

The XL™Cota range of coating equipment is the pharmaceutical industry's tablet coating standard, benefiting from a proven installed base of XL™Cota 150 and XT™Cota 350 machines and now joined by the recently introduced XL™Cota 750.

The XL™Cota 150, 350 and 750 encompass the new functionally orientated M-tec™ control system technology which single-handedly brings several new benefits. The optional validatable clean in place system available on the ™Cota includes new rotating nozzles that cover a larger area reducing the cleaning cycle time and thus minimising the non-productive down time between batches.

The Manesty Premier™​ range of advanced coating systems is designed to cover medium to large scale production size batches, setting the standard for tablet coating. From full containment requirements to the simplest coating formulations, a full range of optional equipment is available to meet your needs.

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