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Mannitol - the versatile excipient™

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Mannitol - the versatile excipient™

The MANNOGEM™ line of mannitol from SPI Pharma has been the leader in mannitol for pharmaceutical applications for nearly a century. The first to introduce mannitol powder and mannitol for direct compression for pharmaceutical applications, SPI Pharma is the only one dedicated solely to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and has the most advanced portfolio of mannitol products available to pharmaceutical formulators today.

MANNOGEM™ products are recognised the world over as one of the most versatile excipients available to the pharmaceutical industry today. MANNOGEM™ is available to meet USP, EP and JP monographs. MANNOGEM™ mannitol is inert, soluble, non-hygroscopic and often used to enhance formulation stability were other excipients fail. Because of their unique properties, MANNOGEM™ products can be used as sugar-free nutritive sweetener, diluent, binder, carrier, filler, and to enhance material flow. MANNOGEM™ products find uses in a wide array of dosage forms including chewable and swallow tablets, capsules, sachets, pastilles, liquids, emulsions, suspensions, ointments, paste, lotions, and intravenous solutions. There is a no other company that knows more about mannitol than SPI Pharma.

If you thought mannitol was only for chewable tablets, isn't it time you put SPI Pharma's experience to work for you and discovered how MANNOGEM™ Mannitol can help you solve a wide array of formulation problems. Go to​ for the latest information on MANNOGEM™ products.

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