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New Fully Automated Single Station Tablet Press

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New Fully Automated Single Station Tablet Press

The Manesty FlexiTab® is a new, fully automated single station tablet press which has been developed to support the production of small batches. Designed specifically for research and development, the FlexiTab® is the ultimate R & D press providing manufacturers with the ability to test and run new formulations easily and economically. Unique for a machine of this type, it is capable of manufacturing single, bi-layer and tri-layer tablets. It has the ability to use the same compression forces and dwell times of modern tablet presses using standard B and D type tooling to produce the same range of tablets as required in mainstream production. Unlike all other tablet presses, the FlexiTab® is not fixed to a compression cycle. With its fully adjustable parameters, operators are able to study and experiment with all aspects of the compression cycle. Its TFT touch screen panel PC and PLC based control system, along with the FlexiTab® software, offers an advanced solution when developing new drugs.

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