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New Larger Batch XL™ Cota Arrives!

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New Larger Batch XL™ Cota Arrives!

The name Manesty is synonymous with innovative, reliable and high quality Tablet Presses and Tablet Coating machines.

Further to the global success of the XL™ Cota 150 and XL™ Cota 350 Manesty have recently launched the XL™ Cota 750. This new larger coater offers an extended drum capacity of up to 800 litres thereby increasing the coating flexibility across the XL™ Cota range from 80 - 800 litres.

The larger drum capacity of the XL™ Cota 750 is suited to both the pharmaceutical and confectionary industries. Coupled with Manesty's Ploughshare mixing baffles and excellent spray system, traditional long process times can now be significantly shortened and coating efficiencies dramatically improved.

The XL™ Cota 750 combines the most up-to-date technology with over thirty years of side vented coating expertise which enables customers to achieve both a consistent and cost effective film and sugar coating process.

The coater is controlled by the Manesty designed, extremely user friendly M-tec™ Control System which single-handedly brings several new benefits. As standard, all new XL™Cotas come with integrated hardware and software controls which are facilitated manually via an easy to use touch screen. The real beauty of the M-tec™ Control System, however, is its modular design and the inherent upgrade path offering discrete levels of functionality up to and including fully automated control.

The optional CIP system utilises a high capacity pump with strategically placed rotating nozzles and zoning which help to achieve the maximum water flow-rates over all the internal surfaces. The rotating nozzles are an enhancement to the previous CIP system and now are even more efficient, which aids in reducing the overall cleaning cycle time, diminishes the requirement to disassemble the machine for inspection after cleaning and thus minimises the non-productive down time between batches.

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