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New tamper evident closures from Rexam

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New tamper evident closures from Rexam

Combining practicability with Safety Rexam Pharma introduces Evipharm and Secupharm, a new generation of closures with filled-in-line. These desiccant closures can be associated with our standard range of bottles. Evipharm is our new Tamper Evident closure. Secupharm is our new child-resistant "push-and-turn" closure with tamper evident features. Secupharm and Evipharm are developed with pharmacopoeia compliant materials: PP, silicagel Both fit 32 mm-neck standard bottles from Rexam Pharma : from 20ml up to 100ml, featuring thick HDPE walls to guarantee the best moisture barrier and ensure high rigidity. A fully integrated process for manufacturing the closures was introduced, including injection of plastic parts, automated assembly and desiccant filling. This new process will bring outstanding value to the pharmaceutical companies. From the quality standpoint, improved traceability and process control reinforce existing GMP compliance. Regarding Supply Chain, everything is done in one place, which leads to shorter lead times and improved reliability. Last but not least, these benefits come with competitive pricing thanks to a streamlined manufacturing process. Demanding quality tests support Rexam Pharma’s innovation: all products are assembled inside a low-hygrometry room to protect desiccant reliability. Permanent check of weight and humidity level is performed. Rigorous tightness control tests are done with jars filled with coloured water, screwed with a specified closing torque and tested under vacuum. To ensure the best seal, Rexam Pharma performs reinforced tightness tests to 600 mbar during 90s. In line video system checks of final product Pharmaceutical industries can now ask Rexam Pharma for an integrated process for best traceability and best quality.

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