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Our Titration Software knows no limits!

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Our Titration Software knows no limits!

tiamo™​ is the result of Metrohm's largest and most modern software project. Following the revolutions in titration caused by the introduction of the Titrando in 2002 and in laboratory automation by the Robotic Sample Processors last year, we now present tiamo as the most modern software for ion analysis.

tiamo™​ is a control and database software for titrators, dosing devices and sample changers that allows complete laboratory automation, hence tiamo stands for «titration and more» – tiamo™</</i>​ can do far more than just titrate.

tiamo™</</i>​ is the successor of the TiNet and Workcell software. With it Metrohm now offers worldwide a uniform software product for laboratory automation. This means that an internationally operating concern can now use the same software platform for processing all its samples and exchange data and records without any loss.

tiamo™​ brings together the world of Titrino instruments with the new generation of the Titrando system. In the software sector such compatibility with existing Metrohm instruments is not just a matter of course. The whole Titrino family, which was previously also controlled by TiNet, can continue to be operated under tiamo, and this after more than 10 years on the market! In addition, sample changers, some of which are no longer in our sales program, can also be operated under tiamo. That's how Metrohm protects your investments!

Of course, all the models of the latest Titrando generation as well as the new Sample Processors are compatible with tiamo. In this way all the advantages of USB communication, such as plug and play or recognition of the intelligent dosing systems, can be utilized to the full with tiamo. Even the mixed operation of older RS232-controlled and the new USB-controlled instruments is possible without any problems.

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